Tales of the Justice Society of America Episode 59

MadminW September 25, 2011

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Greetings, faithful listeners of Tales of the Justice Society of America. This is Superman speaking…or typing as it were. Actually I am doing neither of those things. See I’ve been a captive of the dastardly and oddly enough hot Ultra-Humanite for some time now and frankly it’s getting a little boring here. There is literally nothing to do but watch Deathbolt do his best to try and create the beast with two backs with Ultra (which creeps me out no end) and occasionally tell Ultra that she/he/whatever is going to be defeated somebday.

Due to the wacky time travel nature to what is going on I have been able to catch full episodes of Tales and boy do Scott Gardner and Mike Bailey like to hear themselves talk. I tell you…those guys can take any subject and just blather on about it for hours and from what I understand there are those that actually consider this entertaining. I have to admit that I mostly tune out but in their latest episode, the one where they cover All-Star Squadron #25, I found myself totally immersed in what their discussion. Was it their somewhat humorous discussion of the issue itself? No. Was it their discussion of what else was going on in the DC Multiverse when this issue of All-Star Squadron came out? No. So why was I so damned interested.


See there was an ad for Superman III movie contest (apparently they make movies about me in the future) and this set them off on a long discussion of the film and just when you think that conversation is over it picks up again.

I swear…these guys need to do a Superman podcast together or something.

Anyway, enjoy the episode…as much as you can at any rate.

Next time: All-Star Squadron #26!

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