Tales of the Justice Society of America Episode 64

MadminW November 25, 2011 1

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Welcome to the Black Friday edition of Tales of the JSA where you can get this episode for the deeply discounted price of free! And you didn’t even have to stand in line. Aren’t we awesome?

Anyway, this time out Scott and Mike finish off their look at 1983’s JLA/JSA crossover with Justice League of America #220 and boy does it have a wonky damn revelation in it. Overall it is a very cool story and there is a lot of great action and art. That whole explanation on Black Canary’s true origin? Wow. That was…wow. The guys try to make heads or tails of it and manage to succeed…somewhat. After a quick break with a bunch of awesome promos it is on to your e-mails and once again the discussion turns to DC, their adaptations and thoughts on Superman.


Next time: All-Star Squadron #27!

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