Tales of the Justice Society of America Episode 66

MadminW December 16, 2011

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Scott and Mike have returned once again to both entertain and amuse you. Whether or not they are successful at this is debatable but they are back to chat about All-Star Squadron #28, which is the second part of a two issue arc that the guys…didn’t really care for. There was a lot to poke fun at this time too with Sargon the Sorcerer showing up, the JSA beings complete tools to the Atom and Dr. Mid-Nite once again piloting a vehicle when that makes no sense because the guy is frickin’ blind. Oddly enough (or maybe not considering the history of this show) half the episode is spent talking about the ads and what else was going on in the DC Multiverse at the time leading to two HUGE tangents that will hopefully be a lot of fun.

Next time: Something special for Christmas!

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