Tales of the Justice Society of America Episode 67 – A Christmas Present To You

MadminW December 23, 2011 1

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This week, Scott and Mike take a break from their normal coverage to bring you a holiday classic in the form of Brave and the Bold #184! The Huntress of Earth-2 visits her “uncle” Bruce on Earth-1 just in time for the Batman to learn that his father might have been backing a mobster making all of his work as the Dark Knight a lie! Can the Batman clear his father’s name? And what does a reject from the old Dallas television series have to do with this? Well you’ll just have to listen, folks! PLUS…a true Christmas surprise as Scott and Mike bring back a beloved segment that was the highlight (and some say the only good part) of the early episodes of this series!

Mike and Scott want everyone to have a happy and safe holiday season!

No really. They do. Promise.

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