Tales of the Justice Society of America Episode 73: May 1984

MadminW February 17, 2012

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In this episode Mike and Scott begin their new format, at least for the time being. Instead of covering one book an episode they are going to discuss a cover month worth of Justice Society related comics. This week that cover month is May 1984, which included All-Star Squadron #33 (where the Spectre gets whiney and the Freedom Fighters fight for…well, they fight for freedom…it is kind of in the name) and Infinity, Inc. #2 (where the Infiitors settles on a name and eat at a thinly disguised McDonald’s). These books are a mixed bag leading to the usual mix of commentary and banter that you have come to expect from this show. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. It will become a part of you.

Hand to God.

Next time: June 1984. Your reading assignments are All-Star Squadron #34 and Infinity, Inc. #3!

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