Tales of the Justice Society of America Presents: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Episode 3: Oblivion Upon Us!

MadminW March 30, 2015 3

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The Titans! The Legion! The Outsiders! AND MORE!

The End of the World Continues!

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Greatest Comic Book Event of All-Time, Michael Bailey and Scott H. Gardner bring you THE DEFINITIVE coverage of the Marv Wolfman, George Perez, and Dick Giordano masterpiece that forever altered the DC Universe — CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS

In this exciting third episode, the guys address even more listener feedback!

Then, it’s on to the main event — “Oblivion Upon Us!” — as the Crisis arrives on Earth-1!! Can even the combined might of the New Teen Titans, Batman and the Outsiders, and Superman have any effect this cosmic menace???

Guest-stars galore!! Kamandi, Sgt. Rock, The Haunted Tank, The Losers, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Bat Lash, Jonah Hex, Nighthawk, Scalphunter, and many, many more!!


This podcast “mini-series” is an in-depth examination of Crisis on Infinite Earths with full synopses, discussion, commentary, and even a look at the might-have-beens.

We’re very proud of our coverage in this year-long celebration of DC’s finest hour and we hope you’ll join us every month for each new episode!

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