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Tangents Abound #20 – The Tangents Return

Aaron Henley March 5, 2017

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The very first episode of Tangents Abound on the TTF network and I am so very proud and thankful to be a part of the DiManzo family. By the way, I was told there would be canolli…and I can’t find any. I’m assuming the delivery guy just got lost. The rest of the Tangents will be coming just as soon as Harley…just listen to the show and you’ll find out who that is… gets off the moving boxes. I’ll still be using my old Libsyn feed for my old friends for the time being but I can’t wait to make new ones here! Also for anyone curious..all Tangents are family friendly and safe for all listeners…sometimes we go PG-13 but that’s the highest…I promise. Also, I kind of make an announcement that I’m on the feed at the end of the episode that could possibly cause deafness so you may want to turn the volume down at about 3 or 4 minutes left.

In this episode, there will be listener feedback, lots of tea drinking…kind of a running theme for me, and then a WHOLE LOT of Batman talk! I go into what I love the most about the character, why Robin is such an important part of his story, and even tangent off into Spider-Man territory for a bit! Oh it’s good to be back…but since this is the first episode here…I guess arrive?… and I can’t wait to hear from all of my friends both old and new!

Feedback for the show can be sent to tangentsabound@gmail.com or on Twitter at @ahenley2011. Also if you could please leave me an Itunes review to let me know how I’m doing and what I need to work on, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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