The Luke Cage season one panel discussion

Chris Tyler October 30, 2016

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Weekly Heroics is proud to present our first official panel discussion for a Netflix series as we talk about Luke Cage. Chris and Scott are joined for a spoiler filled discussion by Brian Hughes, Sara Tonin and our FNG Aaron Henley (Another cherry popped on a McGregor production. Yay!). Characters, music, scenes and even some social issues are discussed in this three hour love fest for our favorite Hero for Hire (well, not yet) from Harlem. Easter eggs are identified and cuss words are counted as we find out how much potty mouth Scotty owes Pop’s swear jar at the end of the night. Plus! Enjoy a very special intro by resident Power Man historian Luke Jaconetti as he educates us on Luke’s long journey through the printed page of Marvel comics. Sweet Christmas this was a fun podcast so come get some Bulletproof Love from Luke, Pop, Misty, Claire, Cottomouth, Shades, Diamondback and Mariah in the funky and exciting world of street level Marvel.

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