The Man of Screen at the Movies Episode 2 – Star Wars

Mike Zummo May 22, 2018

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In this episode of Man of Screen at the movies, Mike Zummo takes a look at one of the all-time classics and arguably the movie that coined the term blockbuster, the little space fantasy movie that launched an empire, 1977s “Star Wars”.

Learn about Mikes origins with this film and to an extent its two successors. Where did he watch it for the first time? What format? Youll have to find out by listening to the episode.

And what did he take from this latest viewing that perhaps he didnt take before?

All very good questions.

And then because you didnt demand it, but youre going to get it anyway, Mike will give the definitive answer and settle that “who shot first” question for all time. Just try and dispute him. You could, but you would be wrong.

So sit down and let Mike tell you his experiences with that “galaxy far, far away.”

Next time, itll be quite a bit of time before Man of Screen at the Movies returns as there are two more seasons of Super Friends to get through.

Regular coverage returns with the beginning of the All-New Super Friends Hour.

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