The Man of Screen Extra Episode 26 – Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

Mike Zummo April 26, 2019

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In episode 26 in Man of Screen Extra, Mike recovers the latest DC Universe Animated film, “Justice League vs. The Fatal Five,” a film that harkens back to the late 90s-early 2000s DC Animated Universe.

Were going to see the Justice League, and some villains from the Legion of Superheroes, plus we see some Legion members.

The film also incorporates some modern characters as it introduces Jessica Cruz into the DCAU, at least 15 years after the fact.

PODCASTER GENERAL WARNING: This podcast contains SPOILERS so if you havent seen the film yet, proceed at your own risk.

Find out if Mike loved, liked or disliked or hated the film. Find out how Superman was treated and why is he in a fair amount of pain?

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