The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 119 – Superman: The Movie Month Part 5

Mike Zummo October 30, 2018

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In episode 119 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo its the end of Superman: The Movie Month.

The long five-week journey that started for Mike back in May with the call for guests has completed in this “epilogue” episode covering the Extended edition of Superman: The Movie.

Mostly, as Mike welcomes his best friend from Middle School, Tom Benya.

You also get a look behind the headset a little bit about Mike and Toms friendship of 26 years, and why is Superman responsible for their bond?

So theyll go off topic a few times and youll probably get more of a peek into the host than you ever saw before.

And youll get a bit of Mike and Toms shared history with the extended cut and perhaps youll find that Tom and Geoffrey Unsworth both did similar things once on far different scales.

What could it be? Youll have to listen to find out.

Next time: When Mike returns from his hiatus, the podcast goes back to animation with coverage of “The Worlds Greatest Superfriends”.

P.S. Here is the link Dave McElvenney provided during Feedback


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