The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 125 – Superfriends – 1980 Week 1 and 2

Mike Zummo April 2, 2019

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In episode 125 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo heads into a new season of Superfriends, and that brings with it, another format change.

But the shows mission is unchanged as Mike will cover two weeks worth of episodes per show.

So the first of three shorts will feature Apache Chief doing some Native American stuff and they run into some aliens that just need to get home in “Big Foot”.

Then were going to get some Lois and Clark activity as theyre on a crusie ship. Apparently theyre asking people about an ice monster.

Thats good because Superman and the Wonder Twins are going to find themselves up against “The Ice Demon”.

And then well finish with a chase through a movie set as Batman and Robin, along with guest star The Flash, take on “The Make-Up Monster”.

And then we move on to the next week, where were going to have a team-up with Superman, Batman and Robin are up against a black hole, which is run by an alien.

What will they find on the “Journey into Blackness”.

Then we get another Wonder Twins story as they team up with Wonder Woman to fail miserably when they encounter the “Cycle Gang”.

Then were going to finish the week off with another Superman-less episode as Aquaman and Black Lightning try to help a submarine with a reactor like and then find themselves up against some mutated sea life as they “Dive to Disaster”.

Next week. Mike will cover Weeks 3 and 4 of the 1980 Superfriends shorts.

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