The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 127 – Superfriends: 1980 Weeks 5 and 6

Mike Zummo April 16, 2019

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In episode 127 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo continues his run through Season 5 of Superfriends.

Yes. More short episodes.

First, Batman and Robin are transformed into vampire slaves. Who then turn themselves onto the rest of the Superfriends. How do they fare against “The Voodoo Vampire”?

And then were going to head into some more monkey business and they all look like our least-favorite space monkeys. How will we survive “The Invasion of the Gleeks”?

And now were going to get a return visit from Mr. Mxyzptlk. Guess what? Hes writing a story. And its controlling the Superfriends. What will happen when “Mxyzptlk Strikes Back”?

Then theres going to be a birth in Earth orbit. Yes, a large dragon-like creature is going to hatch from the moon. Yes. You read that right. Were getting a visit from “The Man in the Moon”.

Now were going under the bit top as some talking wild animals took over the circus. Ill bet you cant wait to see that. If you want to see animals turn on their masters, this is the story for you. So, come all and visit the “Circus of Horrors”.

And now were going to get a visit from the Riddler, who is going to make the Superfriends permanently stupid with a new ray of his. So, come lets take a trip. Lets go “Around the World in 80 Riddles”.

Next time: Were going to head into the finish our coverage of the 1980 Superfriends shorts.

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