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The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 128 – Superfriends: 1980 Shorts Weeks 5 and 6

Mike Zummo April 23, 2019 1

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In episode 128 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo will finish up his coverage of season 5 of Superfriends, the last of the first season in a format of three 7-minute shorts.

First, were going to deal with an insect infestation as termites from Venus affect property values all throughout the Earth. How do you sell the planet when its infested with “Termites from Venus”.

Then were going to have a volcano threatening a village. The Wonder Twins are going to save some kids from am volcano that is alleged to be dormant. What happens when someone says a volcano is said to be dormant? You face an “Eruption”.

Then we get a return of Rima the Jungle Girl because were dying to see her again. And the world is being attacked by Atlanteans and there is very little sign of Aquaman as she and Wonder Woman stave off the “Return of Atlantis”.

Next, someone is going to build a self-thinking computer. An early version of Skynet, anyone? But you have to figure out the best way to erase a tape. What would you use to shut down “The Killer Machines”.

Now were going to get some killer plants. Lets start with a man-eating tomato plant. Wouldnt you think these scientists would have better things to do than mess with radiation rays? How would you handle “The Garden of Doom”?

Now, were going to see our Superfriends changed into Bizarros. All, but Superman. Hes going to change into something else. But what? Youll have to listen to find out. What is involved in “The Revenge of Bizarro”?

Next time: There will be a week off in the podcast and then two episodes covering Superman II.

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