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The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 133 – Superfriends: 1981 Shorts Weeks 5 and 6

Mike Zummo June 11, 2019

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In episode 133 of the Man of Screen, Mike Zummo completes his coverage of the 1981 Superfriends shorts, completing another segment of the podcast.

First, were going to the planet Zeron because it has no gravity. So what is the villain doing? Hes going to steal Earths. Because that makes a lot sense.

But its a good thing The Atom is around so he can find out what is inside “The Iron Cyclops”.

Now were going to have some art monsters committing crimes. You can say its “art gone wild”. This time Wonder Woman and El Dorado are on the case and we have El Dorado telling us what an “unusual crime” this is.

Come as we unravel “Pallettes Perils”.

Now we have an alien thats large enough to walk through space. Because hes really tall. And he has a really big bottle and he puts the Earth in it.

Hes a real “Colossus”.

Then the Wonder Twins run into some trouble as some aliens sneak to Earth on an unmanned probe from space. Fortunately Superman is here to save the day and Superman exposes “The Stowaways from Space”.

Next its a ghost story. Batman and Robin get sucked into a big whirlpool, where they fight ghost pirates. And try the same thing over and over. Does it work? I guess if it did, they wouldnt try it over and over again.

Come with us to check out “The Scaraghosta Sea”.

And then were going to the carnival and play some games, but theres an old woman in the game room and shes going to cause some mischief for Wonder Woman and the Wonder Twins as they visit “The Witchs Arcade”.

Next time: After a week off, its back to live action for Mikes coverage of Superman III.

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