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The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 136 – Superfriends: The Lost Season Weeks 3 and 4

Mike Zummo July 23, 2019

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In episode 136 of the Man of Screen Podcast, Mike Zummo continues his run through the 1983 “Lost Season of Superfriends”.

And theyre going to lead things off with some time travel, and a very heady concept for the Superfriends cartoon. Superman goes back in time and finds himself with the opportunity to save his birth planet of Krypton. What does Superman do? Does he change history? What will be the consequences of this decision?

Youll find out when we are diagnosed with “The Krypton Syndrome”.

And then were going to run afoul of toys. Yes. You read this correctly. Toys are going to try to take the world by storm. Make sure you check your Duracells as we fight off “The Invasion of the Space Dolls”.

And then were going to get a history lesson. Well, not exactly, but the Superfriends are going to visit an actual shipwreck, “the RMS Titanic”, which famously sunk in 1912.

I wonder if well encounter a zombie ship.

Will the Superfriends put the sunken ship back where they found it? Come experience, “Terror on the Titanic”.

And then were going to meet some old friends, or rather some old enemies as the Legion of Doom makes its return. Remember how long it took the Sueprfriends to resolve a Legion of Doom plot? Yep. 22 minutes. This time they must do it in 7 minutes.

So, lets take a trip to the “Playground of Doom”.

Now heres a story about a child who needs a blood transfusion and only his father is a match. Of course, hes out of the country so its up to the Superfriends to secure “A Pint of Life”.

So now were going to take a trip underground to find civilizations that have been buried for hundreds of thousands of years. Even underground, there is a battle of the haves and have-nots and the haves are going to threaten anyone that possibly threatens their way of life.

Come underground for the “Day of the Dinosaurs”.

Next time: Mike will finish his coverage of Superfriends: The Lost Season.

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