The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 9 – Superman: The Serial Ch. 13-15

Mike Zummo April 26, 2016 2

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In episode 9 of the Man of Screen Podcast, Mike Zummo concludes his coverage of Columbia Pictures Superman: The Serial, with a look at Chapters 13-15.

The suspense is starting to build as this first serial starring the Man of Steel reaches its conclusion. What has Dr. Hackett done to make Graham walk like Solomon Grundy and what did he follow that up with that Mike thought was stupid? Plus, Perry White is shown leaving the office for the first time, but what method does he use?

And when it’s all over, hang around for a special bonus feature.

So, come join Mike as he takes a look at the next three chapters of Superman: The Serial: 13. Hurled to Destruction; 14. Superman at Bay; 15. The Payoff.

Next time: We check out the sequel serial with a look at the first three chapters of Columbias Atom Man vs. Superman. 1. Superman Flies Again; 2. Atom Man Appears!; 3. Ablaze in the Sky!

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