The Vault Of Startling Monster Horror Tales Of Terror 36 – The Beyond

Luke Jaconetti March 24, 2014

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This episode is brought to you by listener TIM ELLIOT! Join El Jacone, Joe Anthrax, The Hair Metal Hero and The Chriskeeper as they view one of Lucio Fulci’s weirdest and goriest films – THE BEYOND! This one is a head scratcher – scratch that – a HEAD-MELTER! What happens when JOE THE PLUMBER finds a DOORWAY TO HELL? We ACTUALLY FIND OUT! Like SIDERS? NO? AWESOME! ATTACK, DICKIE, ATTACK!!!!
If you notice that this episode ends a little abruptly, that is due to UNAVOIDABLE TECHNICAL GLITCHES and the next film is Aldo Lado’s SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS!

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