The Vault of Startling Monster Horror Tales of Terror 48 – Tomb of Dracula

Jason Jaconetti May 20, 2015 3

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Salutations, fear freaks, and welcome to a very special episode of TVoSMHToT. And why is this episode so special? Well for multiple reasons…First, the crew of CHRIS HONEYWELL, LUKE JACONETTI, SHAWN ENGEL, and CHRIS TYLER are joined by new co-host and big brother to one of our hosts, JASON JACONETTI (we’ll let you figure out who he’s related to). Secondly, rather than covering a horror movie, we’re covering a horror COMIC…perhaps one of the greatest ones with the first issue of Marvel’s TOMB OF DRACULA, written by the incomparable Gerry Conway and drawn by Gene “The Dean” Colan! But most importantly is this show is a part of a multi-media event, cleverly titled Conway’s Corner Crossover, where a slew of awesome podcasts and blogs are taking some time to cover the works and creations of Mr. Conway and discuss his recent dealings with DC Entertainment over the matter of creator compensation. So after you’re finished listening to our show, be sure to go check out these excellent podcasts and blogs:

Michael Bradley’s Superman and Batman Podcast

Rob and Shag’s Fire and Water Podcast

Ryan Daly’s Flowers and Fishnets Podcast

Chris Ivey’s From Kid to Flash Podcast

Gene Hendrick’s The Hammer Strikes Podcast

Chris and Cindy Franklin’s Super Mates Podcast

Professor Alan’s Quarter -Bin Podcast

Karen Williams Between the Pages Blog

Ben Avery’s Comic Book Time Machine

Aaron Moss’ Head Speaks and Task Force X Podcast

Chad Bokelman and Mark Marble’s The Lanterncast

Tom Panarese’s Pop Culture Affidavit

Paul Spataro and crew’s Back to the Bins

Andy and Micheal Leyland’s Hey Kids, Comics!

Bob Fisher’s Superman Forever Radio

and many more…Please check all of these great shows out, and celebrate the amazing work that Gerry Conway has given to the comics world! And follow us on the social media at #ConwayXover

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