The Vault Of Startling Monster Horror Tales Of Terror 69 – Two Faces Of Dr. Jeckyll

Luke Jaconetti June 17, 2017

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In an incredible coincidence, the VAULT CREW – Luke and Jason Jaconetti and Chris Tyler and Honeywell cover Hammer’s THE TWO FACES OF DR. JECKYLL in episode 69 (dude), a number that symbolically expresses the theme of the movie! WHOAH, MAN! This is also the first BLOOD and CUSHING-FREE Hammer movie – CAN THE FREAKS SURVIVE? You get cheap talk, jaunty music, five-penny whores, opium dens and a snake that seems to kill people off-screen by crushing them with it’s own weight! HOW CAN YOU PASS THIS UP? ANSWER – YOU CAN’T!

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