The Walking Dead Season Nine Wrap Up Discussion

Scott McGregor April 17, 2019 3

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The survivors return to wrap up season nine of The Walking Dead and its finally time for the big community unifying fair at Renn Faire World, but will there be mirth and merriment or murder and mayhem? The mystery of the X scars is revealed, Alpha cleans up nice and Henrys libido continues to make the communities a target. Grimes children go running off and get captured, movie night comes to the Kingdom and the baby daddy drama continues. Also: Winter is coming (no, this is not also a Game of Thrones podcast) as the showrunners finally listen to us and give us Ice Zombies!!! So join us for the wrap up to season nine and the true beginning of the Whisperer War or well put your head on a pike on your Fear the Walking Deadcast!

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