Third Degree Byrne Episode 34

Tim Elliott February 4, 2020 2

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Another top five show? Whats the deal? Too much partying to give them all a real show? Dont have enough time to read a book? Cant decide which book to cover? In a word: NO. One thing was apparent the last time we did a top five episode. We got plenty of feedback. We live for feedback. And lately, our mailbox is growing webs, and not the good Parker type. So be a good sport. Think about our subject and write us at gottagetbyrned@gmail.com or on our Facebook page. Heck, why not join the group? We are right here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3rdDegreeByrne/ So, its top five episode. Top five what, though? The top five Byrne creations! Thats right, Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes tell the listeners which of the John Byrne creations they like the most, and why. What more could you ask for? Well, a beer maybe, and a nice girl on your arm. Or a guy, it is your call. All good now? Well you just sit back, relax and check out the latest episode of 3rd Degree Byrne! It is a stunner! And hey, one more time, dont forget to write us and tell us what you think. We really want to hear from YOU! Yeah, YOU!

Spoiler Warning! We discuss the latest episode of Picard in detail.

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