Trentus Magnus Jabs Reality- 2016 Presidential Primaries (with Chris Honeywell!)

Trentus Magnus February 19, 2016

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In this special edition of Trentus Magnus Punches Jabs Reality, Magnus is joined by former Carthage, New York mayoral candidate Chris Honeywell for an affectionate, non-partisan review of the state of affairs with the current Presidential primaries through the end of New Hampshire.

Ideas are bandied about and while sides are rarely taken, listener-discretion is nevertheless advised (hell, it’s *ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED*) because of the potentially sensitive nature of the discussion.

No candidates are criticized and sides really aren’t taken on most issues; the conversation revolves primarily around election 2016 as a media event. But, seriously, *BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS POLITICAL AND THUS POTENTIALLY BOTHERSOME*. You’ve been warned. So don’t gripe at Magnus because he or Honeywell said something you don’t like.

Chris can be griped at by sending email to twotruefreaks@gmail.com however. 🙂

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