Trentus Magnus Jabs Reality- Batman v Superman- Second Impressions

Trentus Magnus July 1, 2016

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As a kinda sorta not really sequel to episode #141, a very sick Magnus deleriously updates you loyal subjects concerning his second impressions of Batman v Superman. And this goes on great, NyQuil-induced length as Magnus speaks a few somewhat unpleasant truths.

Throughout, His Excellency frequently veers back to Batfleck. One might be tempted to credit the prescription-induced fog for this lack of focus. But in fact the answer is rather simple: Magnus has ADD.

Enjoy this very brief helping of Trentus Magnus Jabs Reality to finish off your week in fine (though scrapy and nasaly) style!

If you’re determined to contribute to the ruination of the Internet through idiotic click-bait, “You won’t believe how infrequently Magnus coughs in this show! Even stricken, His Excellency is a rugged, hairy-chested man amongst men!”

If that’s not good enough for you, tough luck. Magnus is off to lie down for a while now.

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