Trentus Magnus Jabs Reality- Coverdale-Page- Better Than The Alternative

Trentus Magnus August 6, 2017

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In today’s ball-riffing episode, Magnus blows the dust off the Musical Magnus series and joins forces with Bob Fisher in order to yammer about the Coverdale*Page album.

Or six songs from the Coverdale*Page album anyway.

Anyway, what makes this album special? Beyond the obvious, I mean. And why did this CD send Magnus into a months-long depression back in the summer of 1998?

Those answers, and many more, can be found here!

Along the way, Magnus and Bob follow any number of tangents and side-adventures. Stories are recounted, anecdotes are shared, lessons are imparted and it would probably be fair to say that Magnus and Bob both came away from the experience as different, perhaps better, men.

So what more do you need? Start listening now before Robert Plant starts ripping you up to the international press.

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