Trentus Magnus Punches Reality Episode 37- Shoot the Sh*t vol. 01- J. David Weter

Trentus Magnus April 1, 2014 1

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All podcasters make grandiose plans sometimes. Sometimes they dream up epic scales of awesome never before dreamed of by their predecessors. Sometimes they come up with something so stupendously amazing that the entire podcasting game is redefined. Sometimes their creativity and inventiveness is unleashed in ways nobody ever dared dream of before.

But sometimes they fall flat on their faces.

And when they fall flat on their faces, they need help digging themselves out and retaining some semblance of their dignity. It’s a true friend who assists in that endeavor.

But in this latest ball-squeezing episode, that’s precisely what happens when J. David Weter (but you can call him Dave) saves Magnus from the consequences of his own folly. This episode was originally intended to reach for the stars but the end result instead barely scratched the ground.

And J. David Weter (but you can call him Dave) agreed to come to the rescue and bail Magnus out.

The subject? Zip, zilch, nada. Nearly 2.5 hours of nothing. Absolutely nothing. 2.5 hours of Magnus and J. David Weter (but you can call him Dave) shooting the sh*t and desperately trying not to talk about what a crashing failure the original episode had become.

But emerging from the burning, steaming wreck of ineptitude and failure is a touching story of forgiveness, hope, friendship, alien refugees from distant galaxies, blind attorneys who terrorize Hell’s Kitchen’s underworld and genetic deviants sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them.

Listen to J. David Weter (but you can call him Dave) and Magnus desperately cast about for something, ANYTHING, to talk about besides what this episode was originally intended to be.

Do you have a suggestion for a topic? Feel free to e-mail me at trentusmagnus@gmail.com and I might consider thinking about the possibility of potentially discussing whatever you have in mind some day. And that’s a promise!

Feedback for this and any other episode may be sent to trentusmagnus@gmail.com.

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