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Two True Freaks Episode 438 – Star Trek Monthly Monday 63 – TNGEdition

Chris Honeywell July 14, 2014

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Its Assistant Editor’s Month for Star trek Monthly Monday, so Andy Leyland, Paul Spataro, and Shawn Engel are doing the one thing that Scott63 Gardner can’t bring himself to do; cover Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. And not only are we covering Deep Space Nine, but we’re covering one of the best episodes of the show, the season four opener, “The Way of the Warrior”. The Dominion infiltration into the Alpha Quadrant has raised the concerns of the Klingon Empire, and only one man can help stop the Federation from going to war with one of their allies; Lt. Commander Worf! This episode has got it all…from great action scenes to incredible character development to Terry Ferrell and Nana Visitor in bikinis. What more could you ask for?Well, you could ask for a good DS9 comic to go with it. But you might not get it with issue 14 of the Deep Space Nine comic from Marvel. This one has members of the DS9 crew sitting around at Quark’s having a little B.S. session, telling tall tales about why the Klingons hate Tribbles so much. Plus, it has the most unfortunate image of Worf ever put to the four color medium. Two words…Cheese Chimichanga. So we hope the Freaks had a good month off as we had a blast doing these episodes. Engage!!!

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