Two True Freaks Episode 458 – Walking Dead Wednesday 31

MadminW October 22, 2014

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Stop!!! Before you listen to this episode, go over to The Relatively Geeky Podcast Network and listen to the first half of this crossover.Hello everyone and welcome to a very special edition of Walking Dead Wednesday. This time out we’re covering zombie comics, but not the zombie comics you are used to. Instead of talking about Rick Grimes and his adventures dealing with the undead, we’re talking about Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge dealing with the undead. “But wait,” I hear you say, “Those are youthful, fluffy comic characters that you can pick up in the checkout line at your local grocery store.” You are correct, but in the story Afterlife with Archie all that is chucked out the window as a tragic accident sets in motion the zombie apocolypse. And in this episode, Shawn Engel, Dr. Bill Robinson, and guest host Professor Alan Middleton extol one of the greatest zombie comics in modern history. Characters will live. Characters will die. And the pollen count on the show will cause many of the hosts to start sniffling and tearing up. Yes, it is the pollen count, and nothing else. So after you finish listening to the first half of this over at Relatively Geeky, plop this in your mp3 player of choice and get to listening. The Edler Gods command it!

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