Two True Freaks Episode 476 – Growing Up Star Wars 5

MadminW February 1, 2015 4

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Scott Ryfun, Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell are BACK! This month the TATOOINE TRIO get to do something they thought they may never have gotten a chance to do – READ A NEW MARVEL STAR WARS COMIC! That’s right – after much hoopla and 40,000 variant covers- Marvel Star Wars #1, the 2015 version – has been released! WARNING – This is NOT a PUFF PIECE – this comic gets the FULL TWO TRUE FREAKS TREATMENT! That means a page by page, panel by panel spoiler filled warts and all appraisal! NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! If you are ALLERGIC to FUN and OPINIONS, this episode will make you blow up like a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!Also – Easy Ridin’ Luke and Vader, awkward family Skinemax stories that end in Star Wars abuse, a miraculous synchronicity involving Marvel Star Wars #5 (old school), a new Rebels book and CD set and much more! Eat your Space-Wheaties, take your TICKER MEDICINE and settle in for a lively episode!

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