Weekly Heroics: A Two True Freaks Guide To Heroes On TV Issue #0.2 Preacher Special

Scott McGregor June 29, 2016

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Weekly Heroics continues its pre-launch Preacher recap specials with a thorough review of episode 5. Chris Tyler, Scott McGregor and Brian Hughes walk you through this week’s episode as things in Annville Texas start to get positively Biblical. Thanks to the mysterious force inside him Jesse is becoming a Rock Star Reverend, Tulip is playing vampire trivia and angry car sex with Cassidy and Arseface is looking for forgiveness. Yeah, this is the weird shit you’re missing if you’re not watching this show. So join us once again for some Godforsaken fun from the mind of Garth Ennis and the wallet of Seth Rogen. And always remember, meat is murder.

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