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Who True Freaks 27 – The Girl In The Fireplace

Shawn Engle July 31, 2017 2

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Its off to 18th Century France on this episode of WHO TRUE FREAKS as were covering the David Tennant Doctor story THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE. This time the Doctor makes friends with a young girl, becomes her imaginary friend and pops in and out of her entire life. All this while trying to figure out why the creepy clockwork robots from a spaceship 3000 years in the future want with her and making sure that Mickey and Rose dont get used for spare parts. Not only that but hosts Dave Walker, Chris Tyler and Hope Mullinax discuss who they think should be the next Doctor. I know we know who it is now, but we didnt back then and its always fun to speculate. Plus as an added bonus, post episode we have a bit of pre episode chat for your enjoyment. So get to it and start listening already

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